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Jet Reports allows businesses to create and design fast, flexible financial and business operations reports within Microsoft Excel.


Jet Reports is a Microsoft Excel-friendly reporting and business intelligence solution that can deliver different level of reporting and analytical needs to your company. It lets you easily create, organize, and share reports in Microsoft Excel especially in terms of pivot, dashboard, and charts.

With Jet Reports, it integrates your real-time data and information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central into Microsoft Excel reports. Without the need of technical skills, anyone with basic excel knowledge can easily and quickly apply the feature of drag and drop to customize reports.

Jet Reports equips with Scheduler function and make it easy to distribute reports and disseminate data and information to the right person at the right time. It is able to send reports in multiple formats such as Excel and PDF at the scheduled time to the predefined persons. As such, it ensures that people in your organization get the right notification and information when needed.


On top of that, Jet Reports let users easily navigate and drill down from Microsoft Excel back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You will be able to validate and verify the details of the data and information that presented in Microsoft Excel are accurate and correct.

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