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Dalstech focuses on providing solutions to businesses and organizations on how best to use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in achieving their business objectives. The most appropriate options will be adopted based on their unique needs and industry best practices. More importantly, Dalstech is using the following Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology to deploy ERP solutions.

Discussing the Numbers

Business Analysis

Understanding the requirements and needs of users is critical to the success of ERP. The requirements gathering will involve from finance to operations users and will be documented. The suggestions and advises will be discussed and decisions will be made on the condition of solutions deliverable, traceability, effectiveness and efficiency to the overall business operations.

Code on Laptop Computer

Configuration & Customization

System configurations is one of the most important part of the ERP deployment. This means setup and configure the system parameters to meet your business’s financial and operation needs. Customization is to enhance the system functionality which helps to improve your business processes. It includes customizing programs, reports, forms, and interfacing with other systems.

Open Laptop

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of migrating business data from current systems to new systems. It includes the migration of master data, financial and operations balances into the system. This is always the golden time for users to clean up and improve the integrity of their data. Excel Templates will be provided to users for preparing data migration.

Giving a Presentation

Training & Coaching

System Training will be conducted based on company's business requirements and prior to system Go-Live. With years of experience in conducting ERP Training, we combine the conventional and innovative training approaches for our users. Training environment will also be created for users to learn about the system through hands-on practices and walkthrough.

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Go-Live Implementation

You have come a long way since our first meeting. Your ERP System is properly configured, customized, migrated, and users are trained as well. Now, it is the time to Go-Live! At this stage, your users will be using the system in their daily operation activities such as creating orders, issuing invoices, collecting and making payment, printing business documents and reports.

Customer Service Rep

Helpdesk MT Support

Providing the first level of direct assistance and helpdesk support to users has helped us maintain long-term relationships with our customers. The goal of our support team is to address and resolve your issues quickly, thoroughly and professionally. Our support consultants can be easily reached via phone and email, and remote connection will be performed to apply solutions.

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